Benny O’clock

Have I ever told you about Benny O’clock? It’s my favorite time! If I happen to look at the clock at 5:26, I shout out “Happy Benny O’clock!”, like I’ve won the lottery. Why 5:26? Benny was born May 26th. Oh, how I miss that sweet boy! Forever alive in my heart, but man do my arms and eyes ache for him.Benny

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Christmas Goodie Bags

Check out the fun, easy and affordable goodie bags I made for my amazing coworkers last Christmas.


Each bag included:

2 tangerines-for health

1 lottery ticket-for wealth

SpongeBob stickers-for happiness

a handful of Hershey Kisses-for love

I printed “May you always be happy, healthy, wealthy, and loved” on red paper and attached the note, with a cute twisty tie that came with the cellophane baggies.

40 lottery tickets=$40

6 bags of tangerines=$35

2 packs of SpongeBob stickers (from the dollar store)=$2

1 giant bag of Hershey’s Kisses (1 for you, 2 for me, 1 for you, 2 for me) =$10

2 packs of cellophane bags (from the dollar store)=$2

And I already had the red paper.

And voila!

40 thoughtful prezzies for under $90!


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Macro Photo Hack

I saw this cool pin on Pinterest for taking macro photos with your iPhone and decided to try it.

Derek was kind enough to harvest the lens out of this dollar store laser pointer for me.
A friend donated a bobby pin to the cause.
I followed the step by step instructions provided here.
Then I gathered a few fun things to practice on.IMG_7086
Check out my fortune! Amazing advice. The fact that it came from a cookie makes it even cooler!

The hardest part about this entire thing is keeping a steady hand. I tucked my arm in and braced my elbow on something to counter the hand shake I seem to have but never notice until I am trying to hold perfectly still.

Practice makes better.

Mega fun!


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Skillet’s best attempt at charming me into letting him stay on the bed instead of changing the sheets.
IMG_6151I’m an easy mark.

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Hello Stranger!

Long time no see.
I’ve missed you.
Here let’s jump in before I get distracted.
That’d be a bummer.
I have been bursting at the seams with creativity.
With creativity comes mess.
Check out the state of my desk.
For shame, for shame. A neat freak, I am not.
A girl can dream.

Onto the fun.

Supplies needed:

Colored paper
diecut – any shape will do. We used a festive christmas tree.
And a camera – we used the photo booth ap on my computer.
I held the paper in front of the camera “just so” and we moved around until it framed our faces. Such a simple and easy few moments, with so much potential.

Photo on 11-28-14 at 4.02 PM Oh my heart, I love that man!
Photo on 11-28-14 at 3.52 PM #2
And Photo on 11-28-14 at 3.50 PM #2
thesePhoto on 11-28-14 at 3.48 PM #2

I want to eat them all up!
Photo on 11-28-14 at 3.47 PM I’ll do it too!

Now, go have fun and let me know if you try it.

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Bean X-ray

This is a desert bird of paradise seed pod.  Red speckles and tiny green veins, what’s not to love? Here’s a bloom.

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Repurposed Photo Slides aka Fake Stained Glass

I finally broke into my stash of vintage slides. They are slides I’ve been collecting, one thrift shop visit at a time, for years.

I sorted through thousands of slides and chose all of the landscapes, and proceeded to stick them directly to the window with double-stick tape.  After running out of double-stick tape, I switched to photo mounting squares from my never rarely used scrapbooking hoard.  The little white backings from the sticky squares were EVERYWHERE.  Running to the store for more tape would have been wiser, I think, but I am an impatient creator and wanted to see the finished product sooner than later.  It took several hours, 968 slides, and a whole lot of sticky stuff and I’m in love…”That’s what she said”.

Outside view at night.

Inside view during the day.

They paint the walls and my desk.  It makes my heart smile.

I love making fake stained glass.


So much for my photo a day idea.  How about let’s try no rules?  I like that.


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