Hand Crocheted Rug

A while back I saw a crocheted rug somewhere in the vast universe that is the internet.  So I decided I would attempt to make one myself.

The coolest part about this rug isn’t that it’s made with bare hands, but that it’s made out of old cut up sheets.  Ok, I guess those are both equally cool.

Der models how well it lent itself as a hat.  Very church lady-esque. (clearly I am not above embarassing him or making up my own words) I have no shame.

It was super fast and easy to make.

I used what I already had on hand so not exactly the colors I want for a rug, but I had to make a sample to see if I wanted to go to the effort of hunting down the right colored sheets.  Now I am on the lookout for bright sheets at yard sales and Goodwill.  Once I have amassed a nice pile I will post a tutorial and make a giant rug for my living room.

I can’t wait to make it with reds, aquas and maybe green.

As an added bonus it is super comfy to stand on.  It’s somewhat sponge like.


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2 responses to “Hand Crocheted Rug

  1. Cami Reeves

    Ummmmm…sorry Derek?

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