One of the perks of Derek’s job is that he gets to drive a different car home everyday.  We are all spoiled because of this.

Ami is in love with Bumblebee from Transformers.

So when Derek got Camaros in at work he brought one home.  It was red, but the boys all knew it was the same kind of car.

They all took turns sitting in the driver’s seat.

They loved it.

And then I made them get in the trunk.

And I made each one verbally promise that they would never climb into another trunk because it’s dangerous.  I am expecting my mother of the year award any day now.


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3 responses to “Spoiled

  1. Gee I would NEVER put my kid in a trunk for a photo opp…. oh wait I totally would… I would probably just forget the part about warning them to never do it again. Your mother of the year award is sure to come before mine!

    What a treat for the boys!

  2. Thats from Kelsey by the way Im just logged in under my event blog 😉

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