Best Day Ever!

It is Rodeo weekend.  In Tucson that means instead of getting Presidents Day off kids get that Thursday and Friday off.  T-town takes its rodeo very seriously!  There is even a big parade.  We haven’t been to the rodeo yet.  We never seem to have enough extra money this time of year to justify the cost.

We went to the zoo instead.  We have a membership so it was free.  Our zoo is my favorite of all time.

I could sit and watch giraffes and their gorgeous eyes, crazy long tongues, and adorable faces for hours.   The boys really love animals and have no fear.

That’s Jeremia feeding him a carrot.  Ami and Conrad fed their carrots before I had my camera ready.  They were too excited to wait.

We had a coupon to feed the giraffes for free.  I love free.

Then rocks were conquered.

Max A Million was in attendance.

I am not sure how Ami escaped without having to strike a pose.

I gave the kids granola bars as a mid zoo snack.  That helped them make new friends.

Well hello there.

The boys were strong.  They did not feed the little beggars.  I wouldn’t have been able to resist.  I probably would have gotten kicked out and labeled the crazy squirrel lady for feeding them every morsel I could find.  Luckily I was too busy taking pictures.

Jeremia wasn’t having any fun.

Clearly he was terrified.

Good times!


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2 responses to “Best Day Ever!

  1. Kelsey

    Best day ever! I love the last shot of jeremia. That expression is pure, innocent, happy boy!!!! Loved seeing you today and can’t wait for our next (hopefully free) outing!!!

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