We live in Tucson, Arizona.  It is warm and beautiful, but very dry.  Because of this, we love it when it rains.

And not that this has anything to do with my story, but I just thought you all might like to know that my personal opinion is that nothing smells better than desert rain.  Not strawberries, not coconut, not fresh laundry, not vanilla, pine air does come close, but still no cigar.

Anyway Derek and I get excited when the weather report calls for rain and we get super sad when it lies.

This weekend the reports called for not just rain, but the possibility of snow, and happily they weren’t lies.

It was beautiful

and cold

and it rained

and it snowed

and it was awesome.

Too bad it did it in the middle of the night and I slept through it, because I love to watch it rain.

When my bladder woke me up at 7am Sunday morning, I peaked out the window and was excited enough to wake up Derek and tell him, but not excited enough to do anything but pee and crawl back into warm cozy bed.  Derek got up and took pictures from the comfort of inside and then crawled back into bed.  It is because of Der that I can share our snow.

Our backyard.  (There is no real shooting range.  I promise.)

To people who live where it really snows this is laughable, much like Phoenix’s mountains are really just hills with ego compared to places with real mountains.

Later that day we went to the zoo.  I know we were just there on Friday, but we have a membership so it was free to get in and we LOVE it there.  I would go there at least once a week if it were closer to where we live.

Plus we wanted to show Derek the crazy squirrels.

It was too cold for the squirrels, but we still had fun.

We Petz’s have freaky animal magnetism.

Some may argue that it’s just because we always seem to be carrying food, but I prefer to think that they just like us better than other people.

This guy followed us around for a bit.

And this weird-looking little guy was nibbling on Jeremia’s sleeves and fingers.

Ami got to conquer the rock and strike a pose.

We discovered a whole section of the zoo we can’t remember ever having been in before.  That was super Twilight Zonish.

We found some hatchlings.

And I struck a pose with the lion that had just been stalking Ami.  Ami would have been this lions afternoon snack if not for the glorious fence in between us.  This pic is to commemorate my love for the strong fence builders of America.

Tomorrow:  Pork Roast!

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