Pork Roast

So this Saturday I cooked.  I had set out a pork roast to thaw in the fridge 48 hours before.  Then for an hour or so on the counter still in the package.

It was a 7 1/2 pound butt roast.

I rubbed the roast down with onion and garlic powder.  I cooked it fat side up at 350 for 2 hours covered and then for about 1 1/2 hours uncovered.  I left the fat side up and cooked it uncovered  because I wanted the fat to brown and crispify.

I wasn’t very good with keeping on the photos. So there are gaps.

I know it looks like a bird, but it really is a pork butt roast.  I promise. The thing that looks like a wing is the shrunken crispity fat.  YUM!

Because a roast temperature will continue to rise an average of 10 degrees after taken out of the oven, I took this guy out when its temp was 150 degrees.  In my opinion the 160 to 165 is the perfect range for pork roast.  That way it is cooked to a safe temperature, but still nice and juicy.

While the roast was cooking I discovered that my potatoes were starting to grow.  I decided to go ahead and cook all 10 pounds before they went bad.

I peeled them and cut out icky spots.

Afternoon snack for the ladies.


After I cubed all of the taters, my pot was too full to cook on the stove, and I was too lazy to use 2 pots so I poured 2 cans of chicken broth into my trusty microwave and stove top safe Visions pot  and nuked ’em with the lid on.

I cooked them in 8 minutes intervals and stirred.  It took a few goes. There were so many that I expected it would.  When they were nice and tender I didn’t bother draining what was left of the broth.  I mashed in a softened stick of cream cheese and a couple of tablespoons of butter.


After we stuffed ourselves with this feast plus corn and homemade gravy.  I packed and froze the left over potatoes in 2 separate containers so I have easy go to smooshed taters whenever I want.

Then with the roast I divided it up.  I shredded two baggies worth of meat and froze them to be used later for tacos, and set aside the bone and some scraps for yummy crock pot beans.

So far the roast alone has given us 3 meals with 3 more waiting in the freezer.

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