Everyday Nonsense.

I am not lost to the pit of despair.  Thank God!  I have actually been doing very well just super busy.

I started a part-time job.

I have been working on supplementing my wardrobe that is 99% jeans and t-shirts.  I am allowed to wear jeans but they have to be dressed up in cuteness.  So I have been on the look out for cute tops and accessories.

I have been going to hypnotherapy.  More on that later.  So far so good.

I have been taking care of the day-to-day nonsense of life that can carry us away if we let it.

We found out Jeremia is a genius…well not quite an official genius, but still super-duper smart.  Which I already knew but it is nice for him get that much-needed boost of self-confidence.

My brain is planning several DIY projects I will sharing with you hopefully sooner than later.

I will be getting a new camera very, very soon.  I am so excited.  I am getting a Rebel. So if my pics still suck after, I will have no excuse.  I am sure I will think of something though.

Now we are off to take the boys to see Rango.

We are also on a quest to find new shoes for Jeremia.  He is beyond picky about shoes. Finding ones he likes that don’t cost too much is not fun.  It is exhausting.  Wish us luck.

We had shreaded pork tacos with some of the frozen leftovers from the roast.  YUM!

This photo has nothing to do with anything.  It’s just cute.  Ami has everything he needs in this pic.  His “Lightning Queens” , his silly bandz, bag worn like backpack full of stuffed ducks and bears, favorite hat and some unidentified snack item all over his delicious face.  It is good to be Ami.

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