Conrad sans his two front teef. Ami is really hopeful to lose his teeth soon.

I love, love, love my new camera.  I have to force myself to sit in a quiet room and skim the owner’s manual and figure out what all of the symbols and settings are.  I have little to no attention span for such things.  I just want to go take photos.  I want to find the light!  I don’t want to have to stop and learn the important stuff.

This is frustrating, but I know if I want to make full use of my new friend I will have to buckle down and do the work.  I also need to sit and figure out the damn software. Right now there are a bunch of photos lost somewhere in my computer from my new camera.  I have many that I want to share here.  I think I figured it out…

I have a been a busy, busy girl.  I have been working hard on my hypno-therapy.  I have been slaying dragons and saving princesses, or whatever the female version of that cliché is.  I feel like it’s working.  It’s not hurting that’s for sure!  I have one more session until I graduate.

A cool pic I took.  It doubles as a hint about my latest project.

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  1. Charlotte Brown Velazquez

    I’m so excited for you. Can’t wait to see the new pictures. So your discovering things about yourself, calmness and beauty of the simple things? Take care and as always I wish you the best.

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