And More!

I remember this day.  It was before Benny’s relapse.  We were at clinic.  Benny didn’t mind if they took his picture, but no he wouldn’t leave my lap.  I was pregnant and haggard and made them promise to do their best not to get me in the shot.

I have a big poster of this shot, but until now did not have the jpeg for it.

He looks like he is giving autographs.

I could just eat him up.  I swear I could!

Thanks again for the abundant gifts Darci.  You are a superstar!


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2 responses to “And More!

  1. Mindy Mc

    I have missed you (I know that sounds odd because I don’t even know you in real life!) I often check Benny’s careingbridge site just to see if you posted any updates. I was so happy to get your email with the link to your blog. Your Benny is still on my mind and in my heart and it was so lovely to see those new photos of him. All of your boys are so beautiful. I will be checking in on your blog (you are bookmarked!) and just wanted to let you know I was out here.

    • Thank you so much Mindy. I am glad you have stuck with us and will be following us here. I am very thankful that you are out there! Love to you and yours.

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