Even closets can be pretty.

We moved into this house in November.  It was a foreclosure and needed some work.  We painted and made the necessary immediate repairs. We have lots of big projects in mind for the future when we are ready financially, physically, and emotionally.  I say emotionally because home improvement stuff can take over your life if you let it.  Der and I work together very well and rarely argue in day-to-day life.  Put us in a home improvement store with two different views on the cheapest, safest or cutest way to do something and our horns lock.  So we have to prepare ourselves mentally.

Our house was built in 1976 and I think that was the last time the closets were painted.  Plus the previous owners had some weird shelving or something that they had attached to the walls with liquid nails.  They took whatever it was with them and left scars and remnants of liquid nails on the walls.  It was ugly and icky.

As you can see our closet is odd in that it has this blank wall front and center.  His side is on the left and my side is on the right.

I eventually want to redo all of our closets with closet systems, but for now I decided to challenge myself and see how cute I could make my closet for less than $50, not because I can’t spend more, but because I thought it would be fun.

So here’s what I did.

First I scraped as much of the liquid nails off as I could and filled the umpteen million holes with putty and sanded.  Then I painted.  I asked myself multiple times what on earth possessed me to decide to paint when the memory of us putting 30 gallons of paint on all of the living space walls and ceilings was still so fresh.  Painting is like childbirth, you have to allow yourself time to forget how much you hate it so you can focus on the awesomeness that comes from it.  I had not given myself nearly enough time.

I love this color.

That might be why it took me three days to finish painting such a small space.  I told Der I felt like a slow Loris.  If you don’t know what that is click here.  So cute and yet painfully slow.  I wonder if they want to move faster but are physically incapable.

I also get distracted easily, but to my credit there are quite a few distractions in this house.

I found a mirror at Goodwill (you may be wondering if I shop anywhere else)  I bought it a few months ago knowing that I wanted to paint it, but was not sure where I was going to put it.  Once I decided I wanted to paint the closet wall turquoise I knew where the mirror would go and what color it should be.

I took lots of before photos of the mirror but can’t find them.  I am tired of looking so here is a photo when I was playing with the frame after it was painted but before I put the mirror back in it.

The mirror was a tarnished gold color.

I found these racks on a different trip to Goodwill and for some mysterious reason knew exactly what I was going to do with them.  They were 99 cents each and they told me they would make perfect jewelry organizers.

I am not a big jewelry person.  I mean I love jewelry. I love how it can take an ordinary T-shirt and jeans outfit and bump up the cuteness level infinitely.  I do not however care for wearing jewelry.  Comfort is king to me and less is more when it comes to comfort. I like to own it, I like to buy it, I even like to display it, but I am not much for wearing it.  My jewelry storage has changed multiple times over the years.  My most recent storage method was a plastic shoe box buried in my closet.  I am so fancy!

I dismantled an old CD tower painted it white

You can see the CD tower here midway through dismantling the spice racks are off to the side post paint job.

This is the only part of the tower that I used.  It was 99 cents at GW. I painted it white too.

Now for less than 50 bucks and a limited amount of grief I get to smile every time I open my closet door.  And on the rare day I feel like wearing jewelry it’s all there for me to peruse easily.

I put a small plastic tray on the top shelf of the middle rack to hold smaller items that couldn’t be hung.

What do you think?


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6 responses to “Even closets can be pretty.

  1. Derek Petz

    My wife is so creative. I love you.

  2. Tootie's mom

    I love it! You have me re-thinking my own closet. I feel better now, I thought I was the only one who loves jewelry but does not like to wear it that much.

  3. Kelsey

    How did I miss this one? So creative… I am always envious of the crap you find and have an instant purpose for them!!!

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