A seamstress, I am not.

I took sewing in Jr high. I don’t really remember much.  I made a matching tank top and skirt for my final project.  I wore the ensemble  once and the tank a few times.  I think my selection of rainbow heart tie-dye fabric might have been overkill even for me back then.  I wish I had a picture of it.

As an adult my sewing skills are limited to the basics.  I can do curtains, I can do cloth napkins, I sew straight lines.  I am perfectly capable of learning to do more technical stuff, but  I am an impatient sewer.  I don’t like to measure, I don’t like to iron, and I don’t like the clutter that having the sewing machine out creates.  The bigger the project the bigger the mess.  Boo!

That is why this project was perfect for me and still made me look like Super Mom to the boys!

Ami had 3 favorite shirts, but his latest growth spurt left them being belly shirts.  He did not want to part with them so I promised I would make him pillows out of them…6 months later I finally pulled them out of the “I’ll get to it later” closet.

Sometime during the 6 month waiting period before I started this project I saw a cool idea on a Martha Stuart clip.  It was how to turn T-shirts into bags.  Super simple.  So I decided I would make one of the shirts into a bag for Ami to carry around his “lightning queens” and hot wheels.

I was so excited having the momentum to finally whip out the sewing machine and get through my sewing pile that I only took one tutorial pic and it wasn’t even an important one. Loser!

Luckily it’s easy enough you don’t need pictures (insert big cheesy smile)

For the bag:

Cut sleeves off.

Cut neck out so that both sides have an equal U shape cut.

Turn inside out and sew a straight line closing the bottom hole.

Turn right side out and voila cute bag.

If you are worried about unraveling use a pair of peking shears.

Me?  I tried to get all fancy with the embroidery setting on my machine.  Good thing Ami doesn’t care because it won’t win any beauty pageants.

Full of cars already.


Turn inside out and sew neck and arm holes closed

Sew bottom together except for the last 2 or 3 inches.  You will use that hole to stuff.

Turn right side out and stuff.

Make sure you spread it out evenly getting into the sleeves.

Once it is stuffed you can either hand sew the opening closed (which will look neater) or you can go the lazy way and just use the machine.  Can you guess which one I did?

“OK – Mom – Dora’s back on.”


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2 responses to “A seamstress, I am not.

  1. Mindy Mc

    What a fantastic idea!! No wonder Ami loved those shirts- so stinkin cute. Where did you get the two that you turned into pillows????

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