I love my Nilla. I love all of my dogs, but this gross little beast…for inexplicable reasons has me wrapped. She is rotten to the core, in any other house that might be seen as a bad thing, but obviously not here.

She is always rolling around in the dirt and digging things up in the yard.  That is where the grossness comes in.


Then she goes on our bed and rolls around and buries her treasures within the folds of the unmade bed.  Leaving us treasures to unearth when we get ready for bed.

Der and I have what may be considered an odd habit.  We make the bed right before we go to sleep.  We have always done this.  We aren’t make the bed in the am kind of people, but we hate sleeping in a sloppy bed so this is our compromise.

Ever since we put in a doggie door we have been finding all sorts of goodies at bedtime.  And that is where the rotten part comes in.

How could I not love her?

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