Burr and Burr

Saturday started with my dorko hubs putting his rear through our bedroom window.

Here is his quick recreation of the event.


It has been a bit chilly in our room as this weekend we saw snow flurries.  They melted as soon as they hit the ground but they were here.

We took the frame to Ace, HD and Lowes and they all said they didn’t have a piece of glass big enough.  Der called a buddy/vendor from work and he is gonna take care of it for us.  I had to throw a miniature fit at Lowes when for a moment Derek was thinking maybe he would just repair it with plexiglass?!?  I am still giving him crap for that.

And then we had dinner with Burr aka Amber.

She is getting married!  Her ring is to die for!  She deserves nothing but wonderfulness forever and always!  She said the sweetest possible thing to me about this here blog.  She said she looks everyday to see if I have a new post and gets sad when I don’t.  That makes we want to be more diligent.  Thanks Burr!

Love you!


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6 responses to “Burr and Burr

  1. Charlotte Brown Velazquez

    Oh, to funny! I hate to ask how the heck he did that. I agree lot’s of s— for the plexaglass thought. 🙂

  2. Kelsey

    Gee thanks for the picture of the incredible ring!
    And I love the title of this post!

    • It never even occurred to me to take a pic of the ring. I am shooting her engagement announcement photos and it is clear to me that I need to bring you with me.

  3. Amber

    Loved seeing you guys! And yes, my ring is incredible 🙂

    Can’t wait to do the engagement photos!!

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