I cannot help but want one of these.

I bet they are a pain to catch and hold onto.  It looks fake.  I wish I had springy legs like that!  That would be awesome!


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2 responses to “I cannot help but want one of these.

  1. Kelsey

    What the heck is that? You didn’t have to write it out that you want one… it is a living animal… of course you want it and someday you probably will have one or two or three!!! 🙂
    He reminds me of those puff guys with sticky feet that they used to come sell at my school once a year… now that I type this I wonder if that was just my weird school or if they came to all schools… anyways they were all the rage!!!

    • He reminds me of a cross between the puff guys and those plastic wind up toys that hop when you wind em.
      I am thinking that they are probably not legal to keep here. And I am going to stick to that because I don’t really need another critter and have sworn off stinky rodents for life, but a girl can dream. What would be perfect is if a friend got one and let me come play with it.

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