Procrastinate Now!


What I should be doing…

Deciding what’s for dinner.  I have no flippin idea.  I hate when I can’t pin down a craving and go from there.  It’s a nothing sounds good kind of day.  Boo!

The laundry!  I am not behind on it but I don’t want to be either.

Taking pictures.

Cleaning the back patio.

Calling places I don’t want to call.  I hate the phone.  I have a disease that is fairly common, but not well known and surprisingly enough not usually talked about.  It’s called verbal diarrhea.  I have it bad.  Once I start it’s hard to stop.  It can be easier to control in person, but it is impossible for me on the phone.  And then when you have to make business calls ick and stupid, stupid automated systems that never take you where you want to go quickly or easily.  Phones are a necessary evil in my opinion.

Painting!  I have five paintings in mid-paint limbo.  One is just for me so it can wait infinitely but the other FOUR are already paid for and need to be finished.  The good thing that has come from this is that I have figured out that even though I am half decent at painting, I don’t like it.  It’s a fight every time I paint.  It’s not relaxing or enjoyable. I thought I would come to like it, but no.  I’m gonna call it.  I don’t like it and once I have finished these I will not paint again…not on purpose anyway.

What I have been doing…

Watching lizards do push ups on the tree that hangs over my garden.  I took a natural history of the southwest bio class. It was one of my all time favorite classes.  In it I learned what it meant when they do that, but apparently it is one of the many facts I learned that my brain spit out just as soon as I passed the class.  I remember that I learnt it, but don’t remember what it meant.

Reading.  I just finished a book called Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  It’s about early onset Alzheimer’s disease (see previous paragraph).  I finished the book which is more than I can say about some.  If I am reading a book and I am not enjoying it, I will quit reading right there.  I will not hope as I read that it will get better and then be disappointed at the end that it sucked from beginning to end and wonder why I didn’t just stop reading it. I put the book down and walk away. This one though kept me reading. It was, I thought, a decent book, but I feel it could have been better in so many ways.  There were too many details about the mundane and not enough about the gritty stuff, which was a shame because there were perfect opportunities for it.  The story line was very interesting and had huge potential I think. But, PS. so you went to Harvard, that doesn’t mean you have to say it in every other sentence…and then your next book takes place in Harvard too have you never been anywhere else?…What the what?!?!

I stood and watched a finch and a sparrow fight over a branch.  The finch won.  I do not consider this time wasted.

Thinking of ways to get out of painting the already paid for paintings.  If it wouldn’t make me a total slime ball loser I would just give her, her money back and never, ever under any circumstances agree to paint again.

Goofing around with the camera.

And creating a post.

Cutest glasses ever!

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