Random backyard shots.

I love sidewalk chalk.

Creatures I made out of found objects for an art class.  I found all of this stuff in a junk box of Derek’s.  The bodies are wrapped in twisty ties.  They are inspecting my zucchini plants.

Jeremia created this teepee with found fence slats, strips of tree roots and one piece of wire to secure the top and I threw in an old sheet.  He is a fantastic creator of things!

If you look closely you can see crystals in the trees.  I hung them in there when the tree was bare.  Now it’s covered with gorgeous purple flowers.

Crystals hung in trees are a win/win.  They look cute in the trees AND they give you rainbows.  Rainbows are the bomb!  Nuff said.

Old stuff is so cool!

And in other news…

Her forever name is Bug.

I am sure you see why we call her that.

She is fun to take pics of.

Bug and her biggest fan.

PS I love that man!  He makes my heart pitter patter!  He is the shiz!


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2 responses to “Random backyard shots.

  1. Mindy Mc

    That may be the absolute cutest dog in the entire world!!!!! Congratulations on the newest member of your family.

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