The fair

The giant 3 story fun house that  my kids love.  Moscow Circus?  Something like that.  I just want the bald statue in tights for my front yard.

This is only a small portion of the slide.  The slide scares me.  It’s 3 stories tall!  Even though logic tells me otherwise I fear becoming impossibly wedged stuck halfway down.  Then kids would try to go down after me and slam into the back of my head. I would be like the real world version the kid who got stuck in the pipe of the chocolate river on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…except instead of getting shot out by chocolate pressure and then helped by Oompa Loompas, the fiasco would involve  the fire department, a large crowd, video cameras and then it would end up on the news and  then YouTube.  I want to be remembered but not for something like that.  So that’s why I kept my feet planted on the ground.

Best fair ride of all time no matter how old you are!

Jeremia is in the purple lane, his friend Brian is in the green, and Conrad is in the orange lane.

Ami went on it without his brothers because he was waiting for a red mat to slide down on.  And he chose the pink lane.  I thought he would be scared to go without one of us, but no my baby is growing up.

While the bigger boys went on the ferris wheel,

Ami and I were walking to the “roller coaster” (it goes in circles over small humps) he wanted to go on while Der was with the other boys. For no apparent reason Ami stopped in the middle of the walkway and said “Look mom.  I am a robot box”  He was all hunched and curled into a box with his head tucked in.  I took a picture, but it didn’t turn out.  It was a very realistic portrayal. I love random act of adorableness.  They are the bomb!

all by himself and in the very front.

I could have spent all night in the petting zoo.  I want to go back so I can do exactly that.  There were chickens, ducks, llamas, goats, a donkey, baby pot belly pigs, and even wallaby’s.  There were too many people and too much commotion to get as many pics as I wanted.  None of my pig attempts turned out.

Ami loves ducks so Conrad found some for him to pet.

This guy followed me around quite a bit.  I don’t know if he was looking for the opportunity to spit at me or if he was enjoying me saying “Do you like my moostache” over and over again in a very bad russian accent.

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