Easter 2011 (Easter Basket Craft)

I wanted to make the easter baskets this year with the kids and start a tradition for future Easters.  I had limited time and resources since this was very last minute so after futzin around on the net trying to find something I decided to just freestyle this one.

I have a surplus of empty water jugs for refilling.  The perfect beginning.


I used an exacto knife to get the cut started but used scissors after that.


I pierced holes in both of the top strips using a potato and ice pick.

 Then using an embroidery needle and yarn I stitched the two pieces together, creating a handle.

I hole punched both sides of the handle and all around the top of the basket.

When my hand got tired of squeezing the punchers, Derek finished.  Yeah Derek!

I gave the boys strips of bright yarn and a quick tutorial and forgot to pick up my camera again until the next day.

The boys left their baskets out for EB to fill the next day.  I think this will be a fun thing to add to our other traditions.

Like we color eggs easter day.

They each got to color 5 eggs.

All of our hens are brown layers so the only colors that really show are green and blue.  We don’t mind though, it’s just as fun, but tastes better.

As soon as the kids finish coloring, I make egg salad sandwiches.  It’s usually the only time of year we have it, which makes it taste that much better.


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2 responses to “Easter 2011 (Easter Basket Craft)

  1. Amber

    Looks like fun! I was laughing because the first thing I noticed was that Conrad wasn’t wearing a shirt 🙂 Nothing changes! Love you guys!

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