I don’t know if my foul mood has anything to do with being woken up to a dove stuck in the house, dogs chaotically trying to catch it with Ami yelling at them to stop or not, but I bet it didn’t help nor did the family room, living room, and kitchen being full of feathers, which is funny after yesterdays post.

I believe the main culprit is probably our impending vacation. I get cranky before a trip.  I deeply dislike being unprepared.  I have a mental checklist I go through 3 times at minimum before a trip to the store, so a trip out of the country has my brain in overdrive.  I would pack now and get it over with but I still have some vacation shopping to do and besides I don’t like to pack early because then I forget and make a mess while looking through it.

I just keep reminding myself of all of the fun and relaxation Der and I will be partaking in.  Poor me.

PS. The dove miraculously survived and flew out the kitchen window unassisted when I opened it.  Will to survive is a powerful thing!

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