Cruisin’ 2011

Catalina Island

We rented a golf cart with a super cool couple from, I think South Carolina.  We didn’t even exchange names, which didn’t occur to me until well after we parted ways.

Der and I look like amazons next to them.

After we zoomed around the island, we walked to one of the beaches and planted ourselves for a few hours.

The water was icy.  I just floated around and let myself move with the current.  Der kept yelling at me not to go too far.  I think he was worried he would have to come fetch me.  When I got out and was towelling off I discovered I inadvertently took a souvenir pebble with me.  A pebble had stowed away in the seat of my swimsuit. Sneaky little bugger.

I am still super impressed with this ice plant’s will to survive.  It was happily growing out the side of a palm tree.

The vegetation was gorgeous.

It would be fun to rent a bungalow and hang out for a weekend.  There was still plenty of undiscovered adventure when we re-boarded the ship.


We took a bus to the blow-hole.  I still snicker a little every time I say that. I have the sense of humor of a ten-year old boy, which explains why I giggled to myself during the safety talk when we first boarded the ship.  I held it together the first several times they said “seamen” and “duty,” but I can only pretend to be a grown up for so long before I lose all control.

It was foggy all day.  Our tour guide said that the past few days had been unseasonably warm and that is always followed by a few days of fog.  I would rather be in the fog than overly hot, so it worked out well for us.

This guy played the flute while he danced around.  I asked some random drunk tourist to take our picture.  Drunk tourists are plentiful in Ensenada!

The views were endless.

My own viking.

Back on the good ship lollypop.

Doing what we do best, letting our dork flags fly.

Playing with the light.

The view of Ensenada from the ship.  We could hear the sea lions barking and could see lumps moving in the sea toward the dock, but never got a good view of one.

Our favorite towel creature our steward made us.

How cool would it be to say that your job is to sculpt food while sailing around the world.

The food was endless and for the most part delicious. We ate our weights worth, that’s for sure.

We had a blast and made lots of memories.  4 days was perfect.  We were ready to come home and see our babies.

Endless gratitude to the Reeves family for taking such good care of our boys.  They were well loved while we were off adventuring.


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2 responses to “Cruisin’ 2011

  1. Cami Reeves

    Great pictures….great post!
    I love you both !!

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