What the What?

The lizard incident happened last Thursday.

Friday morning Ami got stung by a scorpion.  He came and told me with a small quiver in his voice.  He said he had picked up his “pack pack” and the scorpion landed on and stung his knee.  When Ami flicked the scorp off he stung his finger. I made Ami sit down and I went to find the little jerk that dared sting my baby.

I mercilessly used the “Death Shoe” and then used a pair of plastic toy tweezers Ami had conveniently left on the floor in his room, to carry the scorp to the trash.  At the last moment I decided to keep him so Ami could show his Dad and brothers.  Then I knew you’d all want to see it so I decided to share a picture.  Your welcome (insert evil laugh).

Your standard dead, adult, bark scorpion.

I told Jeremia he could have the penny if he was brave enough to get it out.

I wish it was a quarter, but a penny was the first coin I found.

And then tonight Derek found a tiny, dead, baby snake in a pile of cat puke.  Too much information?

And for no other reason than, I love you here are random pics.

Isn’t he beautiful?  I took this picture laying in bed looking out the window.  I haven’t seen him since.

Jeremia sat there for about an hour just enjoying the night.

Look closely. Can you see all of the critters?

I love this shot!

And Oh My!


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2 responses to “What the What?

  1. Amber

    Ugh, with the grossout stories! I was so fearful that you were going to show a picture of the dead, drowned snake in cat puke. I would have barfed, FOR SURE!

    I miss the Petz Family antics!

    xoxo 🙂

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