The answer is 5.

From Left, Noogie, Lacey, Bug (you can barely see her eye, white paw and green collar), then Nilla and finally above Lacey on the chair is Princess Puss.  The only one not in the picture is Sampson.

This is why I say no when my kids pester me for a 5th dog or a 3rd cat.  One would think they would be happy with the menagerie we already have.

So when Jeremia came back from a bike ride Sunday saying a dog followed him home I was less than thrilled.  I am only strong in my conviction that we do not need another animal,when an animal is not present.  Once I can see it, hold it and pet it, the chance that I will maintain my resolve is next to nil.  They know this!  And if I name the creature, it’s practically guaranteed to stay.

This nameless dog was a poodle mix.  Super sweet and friendly.Covered in dirt but recently shaved.

He had a collar which made me hopeful, but no tag and wasn’t neutered which, to my mind meant he probably didn’t have a microchip. We hung a sign at the end of our driveway incase he was a neighbors dog that had just dug out.  I posted an ad on Craigslist.  I didn’t hear anything Sunday or Monday and was trying not to worry that we would have to keep him.

We all liked him. I was going to take him to the vet today to scan him for a chip. I didn’t have to do that though because when I opened my email today I found his collar correctly identified. He had been missing since April 22nd! I think they had just about given up when they saw my ad.

His real name was supposedly Benji.  Gonzo suited him better, but I can gratefully say he’s not my dog to name.

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