Our Garden

In February, Derek made these raised beds for me, using cinder blocks that came with the house.

We planted zukes in the bed on the left, strawberries and cukes in the right one, and a hodge-podge in the back.

We put tomatoes, a blueberry bush and string beans in large pots around the edges.

This is the cucumber.  We haven’t seen any fruit yet, but she is in bloom with tiny yellow flowers.

The strawberries didn’t take.  I threw flower seeds in the empty spot and they are spouting.  

This is our cabbage.  I keep thinking that I need to google growing cabbage. I feel like we are supposed to wrap the leaves over each other to start, but then again I have nothing to base that on.  It’s my first and only cabbage so it’s mostly just an experiment.

That’s my artichoke bud, another experiment.

We also have swiss chard, basil and carrots.

The zucchini bed is full.

I love squash blossoms.  They are gorgeous.  And how cute is the tiny ant on the flower?

I wish I could say my zukes are thriving, but they’re not.  The one vegetable I have actually grown successfully and bountifully in the past is giving me trouble.  The leaves have burnt edges and the fruit keeps dying.Our green beans are doing great.  They would be doing better if I could get the cats to stop eating them.

Come back tomorrow for a surprise!


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2 responses to “Our Garden

  1. i have a deep down desire to garden.
    i have flowers and love that but i have never gotten to grow anything that we eat.

    • Being able to grow food for your family is a wonderful experience. I wish I was more dedicated, I always think “someday” too. There’s only so much we can do at once.

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