Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk rocks!  Especially if the cement is wet.  It writes so much smoother and lays on thicker.

Conrad loves to draw and practice writing words.

Watching your child learn to read and write is awesome and never gets old!

He’s writing puppy here.

He didn’t want any help.  He was sounding out all of the words.

Writing Dad.  So focussed.

That’s Conrad with chalk.

This is what happens when Ami has a few minutes alone with chalk.I was pretty irked, but luckily for Ami I thought it looked cool and sidewalk chalk is cheap.

That said, Ami made himself scarce when I took pics.  I think he was worried I would get another burst of irritation at his destructive tendencies.

He used that rusty old weight they found buried in the yard. They actually fight over who gets to play with it.  Well they did until I took it away because they were being too destructive.

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