50 Posts

I thought it would be fun to celebrate this, my 50th post, with a free giveaway.

I am grateful to everyone who takes time to stop by.  I am in love with blogging and want to thank you for giving me a reason to do it.

As a small token of my esteem I am offering up one of my favorite products from Indigo Wild, a 4oz bottle of Zum Mist.

Just to be clear, the folks at Indigo Wild don’t know anything about me, other than my credit card number.  I am giving this away because I love sharing things I find indispensable.

I adore the lavender mint, but the winner can pick any scent they want.  It’s great for spraying on just about anything.  I use it in the car, on my bedding, in the bathroom even on me. This stuff is great because it is just essential oils.  It’s not overwhelming. It is mood uplifting.

Click on the picture to go to their site and see what scents they have.

To be entered to win a free bottle of Zum Mist just leave a comment telling me what your favorite smell is.

My favorite smell is desert rain on creosote bushes.

You can enter multiple times and don’t let the fact that we’re good friends or even related stop you from entering.  You have until midnight Sunday to leave your commentsa, at that time I will enter in the total number of comments into a random number generator and whoever’s number it pulls up, wins!  I can’t wait.

Ready, set, go!


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13 responses to “50 Posts

  1. Charlotte Brown Velazquez

    I love the smell of rain also! Even if I don’t win you can give me their website address to try some. Take care Charlotte

  2. Kelsey shirley

    Oh my goodness! I have never heard anyone else say their favorite smell is creosote!!! That’s mine and fresh laundry (especially with baby detergent)!!! Congrats on 50 posts!!!

  3. Paula

    I love the smell of rain in the desert as well, but never knew it was from a bush called creosote! See, that’s why I love this blog-because it’s entertaining AND informative!!!

  4. Kristen Watson

    I feel like I should be giving you something for all the laughs and smiles your blog has given me! Mine is rain (of course) and pink bubble gum. Keep up the blogging I can’t wait for 100!

    • I like that one of your favorite smells is bubble gum. I think that goes with your personality, laid back and fun. I am so glad you are enjoying the blog.
      You have given me a gift by reading. I wish that didn’t sound so cheesy, but it’s true.

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  6. Tammi Petz-Wooten

    Creosote rain……happy me! I purposely planted three in my front yard. I still think you should write a book, I enjoy your sarcasm, humor, and good time stories. You def have a way with words!

    • Thanks Tammi! I will write a book one day. I have entirely too much story to tell without a book. It feels good to have people rooting me on. Thank you for your kind words they help squash self doubt.

  7. Amber

    50 posts?! Still not enough! I love knowing what’s going on in the Petz home.

    When I’m hungry, nothing smells better than homemade spaghetti sauce on the stove top. I also love lavender and the smell of gasoline (weird, huh?)

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