You don’t need a campfire to make s’mores.

The guilty 3

These grahams were already in squares so I got them because I thought it would make my life easier.  Next time I will just go to the trouble to break the normal grahams in half.  The price you pay for convenience is that they are smaller.  Smaller cracker means messier, but when something tastes as fabtastic as these you kinda just go with it.

Pre-heat oven to 325

Assemble s’mores.

Cracker – chocolate – marshmallow.

Don’t put the top cracker on until they are done and out of the oven.

You will want to stay close by because they cook fast, and are super easy to burn.  This batch took less than 5 minutes.

They are perfect when the marshmallow has fluffed up and the chocolate is melted.

While they are still hot put cracker tops on.  Smooshing gently, but firmly.  I don’t worry about them touching each other because it’s not worth the trouble to fiddle with them.  I just pull them apart later.

Once they are sufficiently smooshed and the pan is cool to the touch, put them in the fridge.  They are simply divine when served cold.  Be careful not to make yourself sick. Learn from my mistakes,  these are addicting and dangerous.

I’ve made these in batches as a thank you gift more than once.

The boys were pestering me for them last night, but they weren’t ready until after bedtime so they had to wait until after school.

And here I would just like to take a moment to bask in Ami’s attire.

He dressed himself, didn’t even need help with the belt.  Not pictured are his black and white camouflage safari hat and grey plaid slip on vans. He was very proud.

And finally don’t forget to comment on yesterday’s post for a chance to win a 4 oz bottle of Zum Mist in celebration of my 50th post.  You have until Sunday midnight, but why wait?  


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11 responses to “S’mores

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  2. Donna Hettlage

    LOVE this recipe!!! We just made it tonight to share with the neighbor kids. It was a huge hit! Have I mentioned that you are a genius?

    • Insert huge grin here. I am glad you enjoyed them. They are dangerous! Even better after a few hours in the fridge. A-D-D-I-C-T-I-N-G! I can’t remember if you’ve tried my cinnamon chips and fruit salsa. If you haven’t, you should most definitely put that on your to-do list! Thanks for the mega compliment! 😀

  3. Donna Hettlage

    I have not, but that will be next on my list! And I tried to put them in the fridge…they lasted 10 minutes before we couldn’t resist the temptation. 🙂 I loved my kids’ chocolate/marshmallow smeared faces. Should have taken a picture, but of course forgot to. Btw, also made your Ghetto Paninis…DELICIOUSNESS!!!!!!!! I love Simplywe!! 😀

  4. I just love that you are trying and liking all of my recipe ideas. That makes me happier than you could ever know. Thanks for all of the love and support. I am beaming!

  5. Donna Hettlage

    Another on my list is Burrito Pie. You are entirely welcome. You have been a blessing to me! I love reading your posts. You are funny, sweet and creative. Would love to meet you face to face someday!

    • Oh! I don’t mean to brag but burrito pie is kind of AMAZING! I am so glad that you enjoy simply! I absolutely love sharing all of the photos and writing so it’s a win/win! I would love to meet you! Maybe someday the stars will align and it will happen!

  6. Donna Hettlage

    I hope so! 😉 And I’ll let you know when I make the Burrito Pie. We are going on vacation next week, so I’m thinking the following week. I am thinking of you and your family today. Love the new photos of you precious Benny. Hugs.

  7. Ohhh have fun on vacation! I am just a scoach jealous. Hugs.

  8. Donna Hettlage

    We will! We are heading to Chicago for a few days. I am from the Denver area, and we were planning a trip there for the week but decided against it because of the fires. But Chicago should be fun! 🙂 Can’t wait to try your recipe upon our return! Will let you know how it turns out. 🙂

  9. Safe travels to you. I hope you have tons of fun!

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