Clever or Not?

I can’t decide if I am clever or too brave for my own good, for hanging these on the back porch.

I checked and re-checked the nail, chain and soldered wire to assure myself they would not fall.  I love how they look but they make me nervous.  I have been trying to decide where to hang them since November.  I got tired of them sitting in the art closet and here they are.  I hope they hold.  I wish there was a symbol for fingers crossed.  I would use it all the time.

**Edit** Derek wants me to mention that I made those and that it is downright “ballsy” of me to hang them there.  I would like to note he did not say that to me the day I hung them.  I may have to take them down.

A big thanks to Meg over at whatever for linking to my s’mores post and sending me HUNDREDS of visitors.  My humble stats page is grateful, as am I.

Meg’s blog is so much fun. It’s one of my faves. Check it out.


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2 responses to “Clever or Not?

  1. Charlotte Brown Velazquez

    They are really beautiful Amy! When you decide to give lessons on how to make them please let me know.

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