I have had a headache for three days non-stop.  Tension?

Today is the last day of school for Conrad and Jeremia.  3 months with 3 loud, rambunctious, messy boys 24/7 is going to be exhausting.  I am looking forward to lots of art projects and swimming lessons.  I think the key to my sanity and theirs is to have lots of activities planned.

The house is a mess.  I have projects to start, projects to finish, pictures to take, appointments to make, library books to return, dogs groomed, shopping to do, papers to get notorized, and the list goes on.

Tomorrow is Benny’s Birthday. Just typing that makes me cry.  He would have been 10.  I will write more about how we will honor his memory tomorrow.

Keegan, my 18-year-old, graduated from high school this week.  I couldn’t be happier for him.  I wish I could have been there for his big day, but I was not invited.  He lives with is birth father in Phoenix. It’s a very long dramatic story that I may or may not share someday.

I get a much-needed massage tomorrow.  It’s not a fun one though.  It’s 90 minutes of my friend April searching out all of my knots and kinks, and kneading them out.  It is so painful, but well worth it.  If I was more diligent about my stretching and could find a permanent release for all of the emotional baggage I keep tucked away, it wouldn’t be so bad, but alas I am not there yet.

I keep reminding myself to take one thing at a time and breath.


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2 responses to “Life

  1. Joan Kellogg

    I am always happy to listen about Keegan.

    My Jessica is living in Miami now. She is always just going to be…Jessica. Sometimes it is hard being her mother.

    Hugs and love

    • The hardest job ever! I try not to dwell on the Keegan issue because it’s just not healthy for me. Maybe someday. Thanks for always being there Joan.

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