Goodies from Goodwill.

I am having an obsession with red and turquoise.  I keep telling myself to reel it in.  I am going to put too much in the house and then ruin my love for it. The other part of me tells me to relax, have fun and if I want to have red and turquoise in every cotton-pickin’ room then so be it.!  It’s like the devil and angel scenario but I can’t tell who is who.

That’s not what this post is about though.  This post is about my other obsession, Goodwill.

Look at how good she’s been to me.

I have wanted a dress form for a long time.  I pictured me having something more vintage with a stand, but RED!  You had me at hello!

I love this globe. Trying to decide If I am going to paint the base white or leave it as is.

The mason jars I got from Goodwill a few years ago.  Derek found me the buttons just the other day.  Ami and I sat with muffin tins and sorted them all by color. That was surprisingly relaxing.  I was actually sad when we were done.

These were all bought on separate trips. I decided it was time to put them and other awesome finds together.

Everything in this picture was bought at  Goodwill (except the papers and pens).

We painted the desk and recovered the seat on the right.

I love finding all of these little treasures separately and bringing them together.  And you know it was all cheap or else I wouldn’t have bought it.

The whole thing makes me giddy!


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2 responses to “Goodies from Goodwill.

  1. love those finds! i actually was lucky enough to find a vintage dress form at my GW and i snatched it up. i wrapped twinkle lights around it and it’s a lamp now haha

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