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All About Nothing

We were sitting around discussing the swimming abilities of various animals.  Der wondered whether chickens could swim.  We weren’t sure.  Lucky for us we have test candidates in the backyard. Der filled a 5 gallon bucket and set one of the hens in.

She floated.

I was slow on the uptake with the camera, so only have after shots.I wonder now if she was aided in her floating ability by the sides of the bucket.

Would she float and stay upright in an open body of water?

Do I want to take the time to find out?

Will this information ever be useful?

Is this really the stuff I spend my time thinking about?She didn’t seem to mind, except she did preen her feathers for a good 10 minutes afterward.And then she went back to clucking around the yard like the pampered hen she is.


Hey, thanks for coming back day after day to read my humble blog. I am so glad you do!

Think of all the poor souls who don’t know about simplywe and therefore are ignorant to the fact that chickens float, as we deduced in our very scientific study.

Can you feel your brain expanding with useful brain nuggets?

And just because you have stuck with me and are still reading, I give you random pet photos.It’s a tough life.Rotten, always on the lookout for trouble.

I wish I didn’t let them sleep in the bed, but I am wrapped around their little paws.

They have their own beds, but it looks like those are for wrestling.

Have a very happy day!



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We’ve Gone To The Birds.

The other morning I was yanked out of my sleep by screams.  Bleary eyed and confused I jerked up, trying to make sense out of what I had just heard.  Just when I was beginning to doubt what I heard, the scream came again.  It was coming from my bathroom and it wasn’t human.

My mind raced through the possibilities as I put my feet on the floor and hurriedly took the 5 steps to the bathroom praying that whatever it was wasn’t mortally wounded.  There I found Sampson, Princess Puss and Nilla all crowded around the open shower door.  I shooed them away and poked my head around to find a very terrified and very lucky to be alive fledgling sparrow.

After I yelled for Der to get a box or something, I knelt down and scooped up the poor little bird whose heart was beating so fast I thought it might burst.

Unable and unwilling to think clearly at 5 am Der and I settled the little bird into a cage with a nest fashioned out of a dish towel and cotton balls.  We covered up the cage with a towel to keep our nosey pests away and crawled back into bed.  We aren’t morning people.

Later that morning I searched the internet for what to do with a fledgling.  All I could find were warnings not to pick them up if you found one.  There were no directions for what to do if you found one in your shower and had no choice but to pick it up. Huh…I wonder why?

    I took my camera with me outside, but what happened next went so fast that I had to decide if I wanted to miss it by fiddling with my camera or just enjoy what I was watching.  I chose the latter.

I went out front, set my hand on the dirt and she sat there for a few seconds, chirped then hopped off of my hand.  Then she fluttered a few feet away and 2 sparrows swooped down on either side of her to cheer her on.  I thought they must be her parents, but then 2 more came and then another pair.  I watched as 6 different sparrows took turns cheering the little one on, flutter flying in bursts until she was too far away to see anymore.

And though I cannot figure out why this stuff always happen to me I am thankful because that was amazing!

In other bird news we discovered we had a dove nest in our back yard and I was able to grab a few shots.

Baby birds are ugly little things.

The nest is empty today. Luckily neither one of her little fledglings ended up cornered in my shower by my rotten animals.

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Lazy Summer

Bug thinks Conrad is a nice pillow.

I love when he plays with the camera. It is so rare.

Jeremia has since had his haircut for summer.  I haven’t got a picture of it because he’s still angry that I made him cut it.  It’s too hot for long hair.  I am a mean mom.

I cut Ami and Conrad’s hair a touch shorter than I had intended, but the great thing about it is that it will grow back.  He told me “now I look like Benny”  I told him that he has always looked a lot like Benny.

Ami said “I’m bored of you looking at me.”

Well alrighty then.

I LOVE this shot!


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Fun With Sparklers

It was on our summer list.

We had fun.  Jeremia was running around the yard and we tried to air write with the sparklers but none of the pics turned out decent.

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Easy Thank You Cards For Kids

*Update* If you are a visitor from Pinterest, thank you for stopping by.  Be sure to check out the other thank you card ideas I’ve posted, as well as a bunch of fun crafts for kids.  And please come back often!  

We are usually terrible about sending thank you cards.  I am trying to change that.

I wanted to send cards that Ami had created thanking people for his Birthday presents, but didn’t want him to get bored and wanted it to be fun for him.  After a bit of brainstorming this is what I came up with.

What I used:

Scrap pieces of decent water-color paper.


Painters tape


Please pardon the bad lighting in these pics.

I used scraps that worked with my standard business letter  envelopes.

   I creased them to keep track of where the edges were.

Using blue painters tape torn in half, I spelled out Thank you.  I didn’t get fussy about it. I did make sure to smooth and secure each piece though.

I love that expression.

The rules were no black, fill in all the white, and used lots of different colors.  He was happy to oblige.

When the cards were dry I took dictation from Ami on the back, then had him write his name at the bottom of the note.  I didn’t think to snap a shot of that though.

I think they turned out super cute and can’t wait for the mailman to deliver them.

While Ami was working on that I let Jeremia and Conrad paint whatever they wanted.

I put tape around the edges of the paper to create a nice clean frame of white when it’s dry.

Jeremia made his drip on purpose. Conrad painted 2 and when Ami was done with the cards he painted one also, but got tired of painting so started complaining that his legs were hurting. This is a tactic he uses when he doesn’t want to do something.

Time to brush his teeth—his legs hurt.

Bedtime—“oh my legs”

Doesn’t want to eat dinner—“I can’t my legs are hurting”

I told him today that he can say he doesn’t want to paint anymore instead of saying he hurts.  “Oh ok. Can I go swimming then.”

I am not suggesting that there aren’t times that his legs do really hurt, but he has learned that leg pain gets him out of stuff so has started using that excuse to the extreme.  I am wise to his ways though.


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Simple Sloppy Joe’s

These are always met with cheers at dinner time, no lie.

And they couldn’t be easier to make.

This is though, one of those recipes that I don’t measure.  I eyeball and taste.  That is a weird sentence. Moving on.

You will need

1-2 pounds of hamburger


The brand does not matter, any will do just fine.

When you are getting ready to brown the hamburger and grab the garlic salt to sprinkle a dash or two it probably wouldn’t hurt if you payed attention instead of daydreaming or else this could happen to you.

    Lucky for me I am used to being a dork, so I adapt and problem solve fairly well.  I gingerly rinsed that hunk of meat off, rinsed the pan, and jumped right back in the game.

When the burger is browned, meaning there is no pink left, start mixing in the ketchup and BBQ sauce in equal turns.  This is where the eyeballing and tasting comes in.  I start conservatively and just keep adding and stirring until it looks right.  When I taste it, if it’s too BBQish I add more ketchup and vise versa.

Throw that goodness on a bun and enjoy.

So yummy!

PS Did you know you can subscribe?  Subscribers get an email whenever I update.  So subscribe if you please, because it’s good for my self-esteem. 😀

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Okey Dokey Artichokey

This is the first artichoke I have ever grown.  I only planted one.  I guess I just wanted to see if I could grow one.  When it was ready for picking I wondered what an artichoke looked like when it bloomed.

I must say it’s freakin awesome!The little petals are practically iridescent and so pretty.

I am glad I let it do it’s thing.  Next year I will plant enough to eat and a few to bloom.

Purrincess Puss thought she was missing out on something and came to investigate.

She is a dirtball.  She has no business being outside since she is declawed, but she cares not. This spot in the garden was made just for her dontcha know?

    I love her nose freckles.

She is really pretty, but

  Me-Oh-MY-Pizza-Pie, is she cross-eyed!

I wonder if she sees double?

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