What was I saying?

I am balls deep in unfinished projects.

One involves a (supposed to be) quick up-cycle with spray paint.  I could never be a graffiti artist because spray paint hates me, which is a bit of a bummer, because I use it a lot. This time I did everything right.  I paid extra for the better paint and I even bought primer, yet it’s bubbling and dripping like crazy and making me mad.

I had to walk away.  As it is I do most of my projects in fits and bursts because I get bored and/or distracted so easily.  Instead of beating myself up about it, I create stations and rotate from one to the other until the task is done.

So on the back patio sits the spray paint “station” and I am seriously considering passing this one off to the hubs.

Another of my unfinished projects involves sewing.  I am not good at sewing because I can’t focus and have a hard time keeping true measurements.  I need to just sit down and barrel through this one.  That’s on half of the dining room table.

On the other half I have 3 kids projects in queue and just need to finish the prep work.  I hope to get at least one of them done today.

I also have every intention of creating a summer list like so many bloggers.  I saw it here first.  I didn’t do it last year because I didn’t want to be a copy cat.  I am a dork like that.  I think I have come to terms with that now.  I figure as long as I give the inspirer credit it’s all good.

I need to do all of the above so I have something to blog about soon because how fun can it be to read about all of my unfinished stuff?

In other news:

I have been lost in books these past 2 weeks. When Keegan was a kid, I tried to read his Harry Potter book and just couldn’t get into it. Last week I picked the book up at Goodwill, thinking Jeremia would read it, if I did.  He would rather eat a slug than read a book.  I think it’s too much like work for him.   He said he doesn’t want to read it, but it was so good I think I am gonna pull the “Mom card” and make him.

I finished it the next night and bought books 2, 3, and 4 the next day.  I will start the 4th book tonight and will check out the rest from the library tomorrow.  I accidentally stayed up until 5 am reading it.  I had no idea what time it was I was so surprised when I saw the sun peeking through the blinds. I already don’t want the story to end.

I now know what all the fuss is about.  What a wonderful story-teller J.K. Rowling is. She has me tempted to take a writing class or two, because you know, I don’t have enough to do.

And here for your viewing pleasure, because I have a hard time posting with no pics and I love you, are random photos.

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