Little Lacey Lou

Everyone says they like her hair best this way.Please ignore the obvious need for me to vacuum.

I prefer her like this, mostly for practical, I don’t want to brush my dog, reasons.

Lacey’s our little old lady.  She loves to get groomed.  She prances around and struts her stuff.

I think she got screwed in life.  When she was a puppy and full of energy and wanted to play and bounce all over the place she lived with my Grams and her husband in a very calm and quiet environment.

Now that she is in her golden years and would love that calm quiet atmosphere she is stuck in our obnoxious and loud house.  We love her to bits though and she seems to be handling the hand dealt to her rather well.

This is her “Really? Must you?” expression.

“Can we please be done now?”

And finally “Who invited THAT?”


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2 responses to “Little Lacey Lou

  1. Paula

    Oh my gosh she is so cute! What breed is she?

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