Great Gumballs

This was a cute project that I saw awhile back on whatever.  I thought it would be fun if we made our own and I was right.

You will need:

Jeremia used the gel glue.  I gave Ami and Conrad a dish with white glue and paint brushes.  I used a pot lid to make the circle.  The top and base are just free drawn. I made a set for each of the boys and they cut them out, except Ami’s circle, I cut that out for him. I got the hole punch at Michael’s for $6.  I think it was on sale.

I made one the night before as a reference.

I was worried that they would get bored glueing so many gumballs on, I kind of did, but they hung in there, except maybe Conrad. I thought his solution to that problem was cute. For a split second I wanted to tell him he couldn’t do that, because that’s not what it’s supposed to look like and then I remembered that it’s art and it can look however Conrad wants it to.

and I am glad I kept my trap shut because it’s SO Conrad as it should be.

I love the bright and cheerful colors!


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4 responses to “Great Gumballs

  1. Taryn

    Really cute. I love it.

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