Summer List 2011

It’s harder to read than I had hoped it would be.

It says,

Game Night – as in family board games once a week.


Slip ‘n’ Slide – since we don’t have grass it should make a nice mud bog for the boys to play in once they get bored slipping and sliding.  I don’t know at what point between my childhood and adulthood the slip ‘n’ slide went from fun to painful, but it did and I say BOO to that.

Pudding Pops – because YUM

Pool Pass

Read – lots

Road Trip – to where, I wonder


Giant Bubbles – as in make them

Putt Putt – as in mini

Roller Skating – family night at the rink


Water park

Eat Outside – dinner


Squirt Gun Fight

Fly a Kite

Tie Dye – T-shirts



Make Your Own Pizza night – our friend Kelsey taught us how to make them when Jeremia was little 


Art – as in make lots and lots 








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2 responses to “Summer List 2011

  1. Kelsey shirley

    Hey! I got a shout out!!! I feel special! Haven’t been by in a couple weeks! I’m catching up this morning! Love you miss you!

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