Happy Birthday Ami Salami

He’s 5!

He told me today he wished “we all had robot selves.”

He wore his Bumblebee costume from last Halloween all day.

He still had chocolate on his face from licking the beaters from his cake.

Ami and Conrad played happily outside under the EZ-up that their amazing Daddy put up last night, complete with mister system.

Conrad was “building a city.”

They played nicely with no arguing for most of the day. Amazing!

Ami wanted us to eat outside.

I love our porch.  It can’t wait to give it a make over…one of these days.
Nobody was cooperating with the camera and I was not in the mood to fuss at them about it.  So I have lots of shots like this.

We had homemade mac and cheese and hamburger, corn and raw carrots. I thought because Ami got to pick what was for dinner, he would be more eager to eat, but alas he only ate about half of his dinner. Awesome Daddy decorated the cake.

Ami’s request was chocolate cake with pink, red, white and chocolate frosting, with a Cars, car on top and hearts on the sides.  Der improvised using strawberries to make the hearts all around and a strawberry road.  Not too shabby Dad!

It was a good day to turn 5!

Happy Birthday my gorgeous boy!


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4 responses to “Happy Birthday Ami Salami

  1. Natalynn

    This is my favorite post ti date! Love you guys 🙂

  2. Amber

    I love it that it’s probably 105 degrees outside, and Ami insisted on wearing a long sleeved costume! Too cute!

    Happy Birthday, Big Man!!

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