Me and Bob

Ami had his yearly check-up today. FOUR shots.  2 in each arm.  He was none too pleased about it. Shocker!  Who, in there right mind, would enjoy that?

He ranked in the 97th percentile for height!  I knew he was tall, but I didn’t think he was THAT tall.  Poor guy, his legs are almost always bothering him from growing pains.

His height might explain why he exclaims “Look mom it’s me” whenever we drive past one of these.Above photo borrowed from here.

“Did you see me, Mom, did you see me?” Is it just me or my kids painfully adorable?

In return for trying to be brave he got a book, a sticker, and 2 trinkets out of the treat box from the Doctor.  From me he got a trip to the library and a cream slush from Sonic, which he dropped, when he tripped while walking into the house.  That was a bummer 😦

In unrelated news here is some self-directed art from the boys. They are like little gifts I find hanging, with extreme amounts of tape, throughout the house.

I asked Der if I should be worried about all of the violence in Conrad’s picture, but he says it’s normal.  I love the pilot of the plane.

Then Conrad got a little cocky with Jeremia telling him that he could draw a tank better than him.  Jeremia defended his honor.

Conrad was a tad crestfallen but I reminded him that he was a great drawer for a 6-year-old and JP was great for an 11-year-old and perhaps he should be a little less cheeky next time.  I won’t be holding my breath for that though.

Ami asked me if I like his bananas and cheese.    I love them!  They crack me up! How did he decide those were the things he most wanted to draw?

And my favorite.  A portrait of me and bob.

aka dad and mom.  I still laugh when I walk past it.  I may take to calling Derek, Bob from now on.


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2 responses to “Me and Bob

  1. paula

    i love your family. ami’s view of himself as one of those crazy wind things made me pee my pants.

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