Father’s Day 2011

We made Dad Rocks.  It was quick and fun.
We didn’t start it until Friday, 2 hours before Der got home from work.  I was grateful for the heat outside because it dried the paint within minutes and we were able to have everything cleared and hidden before Dad got home.  Phew.


He put them right outside his shop door.

Derek requested baby back ribs for dinner.  He made roman rosemary bread to go with them.  I don’t usually bake. It involves too much measuring and has to be precise or the whole chemistry doesn’t work. That’s too much pressure.  I don’t like it.

So homeboy was stuck making the bread but he didn’t seem to mind and I made it up to him by making the best ribs I have ever made.  I will be posting recipes for the ribs and the bread in the nearish future.

He is hard working, fun, kind, patient, loving, and just plain wonderful.  I hate to sound all doty and gross, but those who know him, know that I am not exaggerating.  There is nothing he would not do for us and my heart overflows with love for him.  He is my best friend and the best possible father our boys could ever ask for.

Happy Farter’s Day Farteous Maximus!

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