Simple Sloppy Joe’s

These are always met with cheers at dinner time, no lie.

And they couldn’t be easier to make.

This is though, one of those recipes that I don’t measure.  I eyeball and taste.  That is a weird sentence. Moving on.

You will need

1-2 pounds of hamburger


The brand does not matter, any will do just fine.

When you are getting ready to brown the hamburger and grab the garlic salt to sprinkle a dash or two it probably wouldn’t hurt if you payed attention instead of daydreaming or else this could happen to you.

    Lucky for me I am used to being a dork, so I adapt and problem solve fairly well.  I gingerly rinsed that hunk of meat off, rinsed the pan, and jumped right back in the game.

When the burger is browned, meaning there is no pink left, start mixing in the ketchup and BBQ sauce in equal turns.  This is where the eyeballing and tasting comes in.  I start conservatively and just keep adding and stirring until it looks right.  When I taste it, if it’s too BBQish I add more ketchup and vise versa.

Throw that goodness on a bun and enjoy.

So yummy!

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