Lazy Summer

Bug thinks Conrad is a nice pillow.

I love when he plays with the camera. It is so rare.

Jeremia has since had his haircut for summer.  I haven’t got a picture of it because he’s still angry that I made him cut it.  It’s too hot for long hair.  I am a mean mom.

I cut Ami and Conrad’s hair a touch shorter than I had intended, but the great thing about it is that it will grow back.  He told me “now I look like Benny”  I told him that he has always looked a lot like Benny.

Ami said “I’m bored of you looking at me.”

Well alrighty then.

I LOVE this shot!


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2 responses to “Lazy Summer

  1. Joan Kellogg

    Your kids all look like the same “brand”. Not exactly alike, but you can definitely tell they are brothers. 🙂

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