We’ve Gone To The Birds.

The other morning I was yanked out of my sleep by screams.  Bleary eyed and confused I jerked up, trying to make sense out of what I had just heard.  Just when I was beginning to doubt what I heard, the scream came again.  It was coming from my bathroom and it wasn’t human.

My mind raced through the possibilities as I put my feet on the floor and hurriedly took the 5 steps to the bathroom praying that whatever it was wasn’t mortally wounded.  There I found Sampson, Princess Puss and Nilla all crowded around the open shower door.  I shooed them away and poked my head around to find a very terrified and very lucky to be alive fledgling sparrow.

After I yelled for Der to get a box or something, I knelt down and scooped up the poor little bird whose heart was beating so fast I thought it might burst.

Unable and unwilling to think clearly at 5 am Der and I settled the little bird into a cage with a nest fashioned out of a dish towel and cotton balls.  We covered up the cage with a towel to keep our nosey pests away and crawled back into bed.  We aren’t morning people.

Later that morning I searched the internet for what to do with a fledgling.  All I could find were warnings not to pick them up if you found one.  There were no directions for what to do if you found one in your shower and had no choice but to pick it up. Huh…I wonder why?

    I took my camera with me outside, but what happened next went so fast that I had to decide if I wanted to miss it by fiddling with my camera or just enjoy what I was watching.  I chose the latter.

I went out front, set my hand on the dirt and she sat there for a few seconds, chirped then hopped off of my hand.  Then she fluttered a few feet away and 2 sparrows swooped down on either side of her to cheer her on.  I thought they must be her parents, but then 2 more came and then another pair.  I watched as 6 different sparrows took turns cheering the little one on, flutter flying in bursts until she was too far away to see anymore.

And though I cannot figure out why this stuff always happen to me I am thankful because that was amazing!

In other bird news we discovered we had a dove nest in our back yard and I was able to grab a few shots.

Baby birds are ugly little things.

The nest is empty today. Luckily neither one of her little fledglings ended up cornered in my shower by my rotten animals.

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