All About Nothing

We were sitting around discussing the swimming abilities of various animals.  Der wondered whether chickens could swim.  We weren’t sure.  Lucky for us we have test candidates in the backyard. Der filled a 5 gallon bucket and set one of the hens in.

She floated.

I was slow on the uptake with the camera, so only have after shots.I wonder now if she was aided in her floating ability by the sides of the bucket.

Would she float and stay upright in an open body of water?

Do I want to take the time to find out?

Will this information ever be useful?

Is this really the stuff I spend my time thinking about?She didn’t seem to mind, except she did preen her feathers for a good 10 minutes afterward.And then she went back to clucking around the yard like the pampered hen she is.


Hey, thanks for coming back day after day to read my humble blog. I am so glad you do!

Think of all the poor souls who don’t know about simplywe and therefore are ignorant to the fact that chickens float, as we deduced in our very scientific study.

Can you feel your brain expanding with useful brain nuggets?

And just because you have stuck with me and are still reading, I give you random pet photos.It’s a tough life.Rotten, always on the lookout for trouble.

I wish I didn’t let them sleep in the bed, but I am wrapped around their little paws.

They have their own beds, but it looks like those are for wrestling.

Have a very happy day!



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8 responses to “All About Nothing

  1. Joan Kellogg

    Love the pets. 🙂 We have two dogs, a cat and a guinea pig.

  2. Natalynn Jacobsen

    Love the story and the pups!

  3. Tootie's mom

    It is almost 7:30 I am having the bath tug of war with my almost 5 year old. I was starting to get frustrated so I went to the computer and pulled up your blog. I have laughed and smiled and I am now ready to be a patient mom again. Thanks for the help!

  4. Cami Reeves

    Hehe…where do you come up with this stuff…LOL! You are too cute Amy!!
    I love you!!

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