Octopus Snot

My glorious sister just gave us a play set that was in the backyard of a house she bought.  It has seen better days, but is sturdy and with a little love, paint, and swings it will be perfecto!

The boys LOVE it.  I LOVE it!

Jeremia was sitting in the club house with a squirt bottle and would fake sneeze and spray the little boys when they ran by, declaring that he was an octopus and the spray was octopus snot.  Brilliant!

The best part. 100% free.  Thanks sissy!


Filed under Entertain Me, Rodents aka kids

2 responses to “Octopus Snot

  1. Cami Reeves

    I am sooooo glad the boys love it! I love that they love it….because I love them a TON!!!! Everyone wins….I love it 🙂

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