This ‘n’ That

We had an AC installed earlier this week.  I was hoping they would bring a crane to get the unit on the roof.  I thought the kids would get a kick out of watching that, but no such luck.

This was pretty cool to watch though.  Scary, but cool.

Now my house is ice-cold!  I love it…until we get the first electric bill, but for now it’s all bliss.

Later that same day we went to Costco.  As we were leaving, with our cart overflowing with bulk bargains, Ami stopped and put his hand to his mouth.  “What’s in my mouth?” he wondered aloud.  The answer…

he lost his first tooth.  I didn’t even know it was loose.  I guess he didn’t either, because he was quite surprised.  He was positively ecstatic when he woke up to a dollar under his pillow.

Jeremia is going to be a Lego engineer when he grows up.  He works with his Legos for hours, creating various vehicles with odds and ends pieces.  It is all rather impressive.

He loves Legos, but is less than fond of getting his picture taken.  I don’t know exactly when that happened.  When he was younger he would ask me to take his picture all of the time just like Ami and Conrad do now.  When did he become self-conscious and start feeling awkward about it?  Doesn’t he know he’s amazing?  I think I will have to make a point to tell him more often.

I remember feeling the same way about the camera when I was his age and on through adulthood.  Something happened to my brain after Benny got sick. Such life altering events force you to take a look at yourself and your beliefs.  Just one of my realizations was the importance of memories and photos, I noticed that I rarely looked happy in any of our pictures.  I thought “My poor kids are going to look back at these photos when I am gone and they are going to think I didn’t like my life.”  That would not do. So I stopped avoiding the camera and forced myself to loosen up in front of it.  And I remind myself that bad pictures can always be deleted so have fun with it.


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10 responses to “This ‘n’ That

  1. Cami Reeves

    Lesson learned with this post 🙂
    Thank you Amy!!!

  2. Tootie's mom

    You are an inspiration! i hope I am half a mom as you…

  3. Joan Kellogg

    I learned this lesson after my brother lost his pregnant girlfriend in a car accident years ago. 😦 It was so terrible. They also lost their dog. Any way I always hated getting my picture taken. ANd then someone said when you are gone, there will be no pictures of you for your daughter (at that time I only had one daughter.) So I started letting people take my picture.

    PS This same brother also lost his son in a horrid violent way a few years ago. He always reminds me that the human spirit is indeed strong, because he is still standing…

  4. Kelsey

    Jeremia looks so much like derek I can only believe that Derek was the one who carried that child for 9 months… you had nothing to do with it… I am convinced! 🙂

  5. Haha! If only, then he’d have been the one puking for 9 months. They could be twins if not for the huge age gap. I will have to scan some pics of Der as a kid. That will really blow your mind.

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