Scrap Yards Are Awesome

When we pulled up both Ami and Conrad mimicked the aliens in Toy Story. “The Claw” they said with awe.

It was really cool.  We are going to have to find more metal to take there so Jeremia can see it.

And what a great concept.  We give them the old metal crap that we inherited when we bought our house, and they give us cash AND recycle it.  Good for Mother Earth AND I get pocket-money?!  Sweet!

It’s not a safe place to hang out though.  That’s why the kids stayed in the car and I didn’t wander off to get better shots from better angles.  Too many ways to get hurt around this place. Call me crazy, but I like my body and the bodies of my family safe, whole and un-impaled.

What a cool job!   It would be so much fun, if not a bit scary, to try.
The claw, with the help of the man inside it, was plucking cars out of the pile and stacking and squashing them down into this trailer.

The maroon car, upside down in the trailer is the same one from the photo above. It was all very methodical.  I could have stayed awhile, but they frown upon gawkers, so I got the shots I could and we were on our way.

When we first drove in we stopped on a giant truck scale, then Derek dumped all the metal into the giant pile. We parked on another  identical scale on the way out and they payed us the difference in weight. Ingenious!This is outside the cashiers office while Der was cashing out. I like the rusty tin building.  I just like rusty stuff.

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