Piss and Vinegar

As in, I am full of piss and vinegar.  I figured since I am in such a foul mood and don’t want to talk about it this would be the perfect subject for todays post.

When I was a teenager I used to drink an apple cider vinegar and honey shot every day. I had read somewhere that it helped with acne.  Whether it’s what helped or the fact that I was getting regular exercise is what did it I can’t say, maybe both.  All I know is that I swore by it and forced it down daily until the day I gulped it down and drank a slimfast within a minute of each other.  I learned a chemistry lesson that day as I was running to the bathroom, where I proceeded to puke the curdled mess up.

I never drank another drop, but I still adore it.  This time it’s white vinegar I rave about though.

Its uses are endless, but my all time favorite is for laundry.

I have the vinegar discussion with people often.  I tell them how amazing it is and they tell me they don’t like the smell.  Who does?  I used to clean my whole house with a homemade vinegar based mixture, but even I, a die-hard advocate, could only handle the smell for so long.  But the fantastic thing about using it on laundry is that the smell does not stick around.

As a mother of five boys and an animal lover, I can honestly tell you nothing neutralizes the smell of pee faster.  Especially cat pee, which is notoriously hard to eliminate. Vinegar also conquers that horrid sour dishcloth smell.  You all know what I am talking about the smell sticks to your hands even after you wash them.  Yuck!

Once upon a time I had this problem where even freshly washed towels still seemed like they weren’t clean enough.  I switched detergents, changed fabric softeners, bought new towels and even got a new washing machine trying to fix this problem.  The changes would seem to work for a while, but the problem would always come back.  When I started adding about a cup of vinegar into my wash the problem stayed gone.

All that’s great, but it’s also cheap, easy on the environment and you don’t have to worry about it harming your family.

I’m hooked and you should be too!


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3 responses to “Piss and Vinegar

  1. Paula

    I love using vinegar in my laundry! Using it in place of fabric softener makes towels more absorbent (insert cheesy tooth grin with a sparkle here). An added bonus-it cleans your machine while cleaning your clothes!

  2. Joan Kellogg

    I use vinegar on my towels alot! They STUNK.

    Also, I have a front loader now and this problem seemed worse with that. So I periodically buy these tablet thingies at Home Depot that you run through your front loader and it cleans out your washer.

    Which is really sort of ridiculous now that I think about it.


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