Welcome Home JP

Jeremia got home today!

We made him a welcome home banner.  We’ve never done that before.

It was fun and made him feel extra special when he walked in.

Everyone drew pictures of Jeremia’s favorite things.

Bug supervised.  She likes to be involved with everything.

I pinned it to a small beam we have running through the room.

 The paper was curling at the bottom corners so I put duct tape on the back bottom corners to firm it up and weigh it down a bit.  It helped a lot.

I was outside waiting when they pulled up.  I burst into tears when I saw him.  Geesh it’s only been a week.  I am starting to get weepy the older my kids get.  I never used to be like that.

Look at that gorgeous, sun-kissed, glad to be home face!

My blubbering made him teary eyed.  We shared a moment. This is just after.

We ate Hungry Howie’s (my favorite to the max) and he told us all about camp life. He told us about duct tape class, which is a class where you make cool stuff with, you guessed it, duct tape.  He told us all about jello wars, and catapulting eggs and lake day and about the 16-year-old girls who remember him from when he first came years ago and kept telling him how cute he is.

That’s right he is, but step off, that’s my baby.




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4 responses to “Welcome Home JP

  1. Love it! The sign turned out great. He is looking more like his dad now. Have a great weekend!

  2. Joan Kellogg

    Love the pic. I cry alot too. My girls are 15 now. They have been gone with their Dad since Sunday. I wonder, what will I do when they all go to college?


    • College will be a tough one Joan. I am trying not to freak about Ami going to Kindergarten. I don’t even want to think about when they grow up and leave me.

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