Fireplace Makeover

We have a fireplace in our family room.  I don’t much care for it.  Firstly this is Tucson so there is really no need for a fireplace and according to our home inspector it’s mostly just for looks.  And it’s fugly.

I mean for goodness sake the tile is the same tile from our bathrooms, and the light fixtures which I did not picture, because I dislike them that much, are meant to be front porch lights.  I appreciate the spirit of using what you have lying around, but a little more taste would have been nice.

Derek won’t let me tear it down just yet so I made do.

I used to have plants shoved in there and all around, but the dust and clutter was driving me mad so I walked around the house collecting possibilities and just played with it for 10 minutes or so and this is how it will sit until I get itchy, twitchy and restless again.

I got this frame and the oval one out of a junk pile.  I found the cats at Goodwill.  They were avocado and mustard.  The power of spray paint is great!Abraham Lincoln (formerly bronze in color) was 5 bucks at a yard sale.  The garland is Christmas clearance from Target.  And of course Benny with Lamby and his favorite monkey spoon are the cherry on top.








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