Tiny Toads!

The weather was gorgeous so Der and I went for a quad ride on some trails just around the corner from our house.

We have the prettiest skies here.

After Der and I got back from our ride, he and Jeremia went for a ride.  We can’t all go at once because Ami and Conrad are still too little and someone has to watch them.

Der and JP found something awesome on their ride and came home to get us, so we all piled in the car to go see this amazing awesome thing and we weren’t disappointed.

Tiny Toads!

I love nature so!

 I love that the toad is the same size as Der’s working man callus.

Just a little dip in the trail that serves as a temporary swamp for a myriad of creatures. I told the boys they could only touch if they promised not to touch their eyes, noses or mouths, as I am certain that there were serious cooties in that makeshift pond.

 I hope we get rain soon or so all of the tadpoles and horse-shoe-crab-looking waterbug things are going to die.

The have no idea that they are learning biology.  They think they are just playing with toads and tadpoles.

There were many that still had their tails.  Can you see me?

This one had the longest tail. I kept asking them to catch more and more.

I hope that wasn’t too many pictures.

I am open to feedback.

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All the best,



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4 responses to “Tiny Toads!

  1. Joan Kellogg

    I loved all the pictures. Including your smiling face.

  2. Kelsey

    Thank god you got your camera! I love your pics… and I need a baby toad.

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