Every time I see a pink sky I think it’s a gift from Benny.

I have this irrational vision of angels elbowing each other arguing about whose turn it is to use the sky as their instant messager.

And this was just what we could see of it.  I bet if we were hiking instead of in our backyard it would have been too amazeballs to handle.  We are hiking tonight so here’s hoping for another amazing sky.

Rational or not, thanks Benny.




Filed under Amazeballs

6 responses to “Pink!

  1. paula watkins

    not irrational at all! just a love from your son:)

  2. Kelsey

    Ah! I love your theory and you totally have me as a believer! Maybe he is the mystery person who sent me a pink guitar?

  3. Cami Reeves

    Wow..super sweet!

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