With A Rebel Yell

I had a horrible dream a few nights ago, actually it’s been a series of dreams, with this latest one being the toughest. The scenario is the same, the details vary.

It goes like this…

I get diagnosed with cancer.  I am terminal.  I cry.  I cry so much that my throat hurts and my eyes swell.

Then I wake up knowing I died, but not remembering the details, or if their even were any.

I don’t think I need to tell you that this dream sucks.  Clearly my brain is working through some junk.  I hope it knows what it’s doing.  I wish it would hurry the EFF up because I am over it!

That might be why I’ve been clinging extra hard to this here blog. It’s a great distraction. I am in love with it.  If I weren’t already spoken for, I might marry it. I am having so much fun and am so grateful to have readers.  I love you all.  I really do! I get excited to share cool stuff with you. The whole thing warms the cockles of my heart.

So….what photos to share today?

I think these because they go with my rebellious mood.

Jeremia and Derek found this place the other day while out on the quads.  Der took me there today.

It’s four tall enclosed walls with a large gap/doorway.  It would be the perfect place for a kegger. You would never know to look at the outside, that all of this awesome graffiti art was inside.  The exterior walls just have trashy tagging on them, not artwork.  The inside is an explosion of color and skill.  Enjoy!

A bucket of awesome, I tell ya!


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9 responses to “With A Rebel Yell

  1. What a find! Not a bad final resting spot for poor Barbie. She looks like she belongs there.

  2. Tawny

    Ugh, sorry to hear about those nightmares 😦 It’s more than enough from the nasty “C” to have taken your sweet Benny boy, it needs to stay out of your dreams!
    P.S-My 3 year old niece has an obsession with broken things and statues so she’d love being around your house lol.

  3. Tawny

    Forgot to mention her love for bugs, reptiles and all living creatures. We made our own reptile store the other day.. not a girly girl here lol. She would adore your boys!
    Btw, I love the Owl!

    • I love it when kids get to like whatever they want regardless of being a boy or girl. I get frustrated when I hear parents say that their kids can’t like something because of their sex. It’s good that your niece is allowed to embrace her love of critters.
      The owl was my favorite too!

  4. Tawny

    Exactly, just like Benny’s love for pink and ballerinas. It’s completely normal and children should be allowed to enjoy whatever they like without any bias on what is for girls/boys. She is into some typical “girly” things as well and I love that she’s well rounded. I played with mostly boys, loved bugs/animals/outdoors yet was in gymnastics and loved dolls, I think I turned out halfway okay lol.

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